The main target of ALCATRAZ is to ensure a possible re-integration of the inmates due to different work activities. This will give the inmates the chance to learn useable skills which allows them to re-integrate into the society.



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PRISONWORK rund um die Wel

Work is a process where people go into a social relationship which is a central part for all areas of a fulfilled life. This is valid for areas like structured time management, self-confidence as well as social appreciation. Therefor work is a main building block for our existence, regardless of which work we do.

A part of the earnings of ALCATRAZ goes into institutions which support prevention as well as re-integration into the society.



Dark Pride
Made in Prison

Dark Pride der dunkle Stolz

Highly valued products under the brand “DARK PRIDE” which are manufactured in prisons around the world can be bought directly at our web shop. All products are made from inmates, supervised from professional craftsman. ALCATRAZ ensures that only products from prisons are sold which fulfill international human standards.

Dark Pride Shop


Labor force at your disposal

Prisonwork -Lohnfertigung im Gefängnis

Many prisons have experience in insourcing manufacturing (wood, plastics and metal), assembly and packaging work from industrial companies which have excessive work or which need to cover certain peaks. ALCATRAZ is supporting industrial customers to evaluate the prison with the highest competence in the needed work area.

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